People are Saying Some Great Things about Cookies Direct
I swear on every cookie that's come out of my ovens since 1991 that these are all direct unsolicited quotations.
(Some of you reading these may even recognize your own.) These were all received by mail or email.
Once again, many thanks for helping us send our love through the mail. You've got to be the most organized, efficient, and caring business
person around.  
G.P., Pittsburgh, PA
Even though my cousin's teeth are going, I am going to renew my cookie of the month subscription for her.   
R.S., Boca Raton, FL
I feel I know you already. You have been so helpful and warm regarding your selection of cookies.  Your cookies went over the top and my
daughter wants to know when the next package is coming.
M.F., Winchester, MA
Thank you, thank you, thank you. If you were here, we'd give you the biggest hug and lots of kisses!  
B.C., Fort Lee, NJ
My sister (stationed in Iraq) got them so fast and enjoyed them so much. The only complaint she had was that they were so good that
she couldn't stop eating them and wasn't going to share them with anyone in the barracks. She also told me that I was killing her diet.
J.M. Brooklyn, NY  
The cookies arrived (in England) right on time and were well-received. Our friends had never seen such a service and were amazed at the
quality and good "home taste".  
S.B., Vestal, NY
Your cookies were great. I used to work for Mrs. Fields and let me tell you, the cookies you sent are even better.  
L.D., Portland, ME
I received a box from you yesterday and I must say that they are the most outta sight cookies that I've ever had.
M.B., Pawtucket, RI
Just a note to let you know that my brother received the replacement cookies you sent, and also finally received the first package that got
lost going to Georgia. He gobbled up both of them and thoroughly enjoyed them.  The Georgia box was all smashed on one corner, but not
a single cookie was broken.  
S.M. Tulsa, OK
Thank you so much for filling my cookie order! Everyone received and ate to their hearts content. Even those on The Atkins Diet couldn't
resist finishing up the last crumb.
C.B., The Villages, FL
Your cookies are absolutely delicious. I can't stop eating them.
J.C., Long Island City, NY
As always, lots of great comments and thank-yous! You deserve a vacation in a warm climate.
E.S., Portland, ME
You're the greatest!  Thank you!  
B.D., Waco, TX
We received the cookies as promised and were thoroughly impressed with their quality.  I've never had cookies so thin yet so moist,
chewy, and flavorful.  Please feel free to use this as a testament to the quality of your cookie.
R.M., Reisterstown, MD
Your cookies arrived just in time for my company. No wonder I am the "best grandma in the world"!  
M.P., Belaire, TX
My roommates are trained so that they salivate at the sight of the box. My friends know to stop by the first week of each month to see me.
My co-workers at my work-study job keep asking, "So when are you getting cookies again?"
S.C., Colorado Springs, CO
"Thank you for making getting a birthday gift across the country easy for me.  My friend was surprised  to come home to the package and
was thrilled by its contents.  She said the cookies were wonderful.  I will gladly order from you again.
S.H., New York
Wow, what great personal service. You are the exception for sure and not the rule!
S.S., Hamilton, OH
I am a devoted mom seeking dependable, edible, high quality, delicious, good food to send to my daughters so I can be reassured that
they know that I am thinking of them always! Cookies Direct provides just that kind of service.
J.H., Abqaiq, Saudi Arabia
What a wonderful idea!  I sent a cookie package to Florida as a Valentine's gift  and the cookies arrived exactly on the day.  I received
several calls from the recipients raving about how great the cookies are.  I was also told not to lose this find because of the uniqueness
and quality of the product. You are a big hit!  
L.L. Falmouth, ME
"Hi there!  First I would like to say that I received my cookies yesterday in perfect condition all the way in Afghanistan!  Second, I would
like to let you know how wonderfully delicious they are!!  It's hard not to sit down and eat them all at once!"
Sgt. M.B, Afghanistan
These  are the best cookies I have ordered through the mail so far. If I warmed them up I would swear they came right out of my oven.  
R.D. South Amboy, NJ
Thank you for the great-tasting, man-pleasing cookies you sent my son. They arrived on time, were fresh and delicious, and he knew I had
not baked them!   
N.G., Yarmouth, ME
Michelle said the cookies were fantastic. She got homesick when she received them. That means they made her think of Mom's cookies.  
G.S., Beaverton, OR
I wish I had heard about you years ago!
E. J., Ottawa, Canada
Cookies Direct
Owned and operated since 1991 by Debbie Godowsky.
330 Main St.,Yarmouth, ME 04096
1-800-300-0904, 207-846-1255
I just wanted to Thank You! My Husband received the cookies over in Iraq. He said they were the best packed cookies he'd ever seen! Not
huge morale booster for those men & women over there. I know where my Husband is, they are working 7 days a week with only 4 to 6
hours of sleep a night. What the Club 9 dozen cookie donors are doing is awesome! I just wanted to personally Thank you & them! God
Bless! K.B., Wilmington, NC
Thank you for your wonderful product and excellent customer service!
N.L., Emerson, NJ
My husband and I have been receiving your cookies since the first of the year and they are just the best.

I am 85 and was quite the cookie maker in my day but I would not like to put my cookies up against yours in a contest.  
for 15 seconds and they are like just baked. We so appreciate your skill and your cookies.
started as a way to cheer me up and then I was hooked, even my dorm mates started asking about them. They are amazing and by far
my most favorite cookies (besides my Mom's) around. We got my Grandmother cookies last Xmas and she is in love with them.. so I know
she will jump for joy when she sees the box. Thank you again for all the years of wonderful, delicious packages. :)  D.M., Reno, NV